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Exploring Ajax - Using it to paginate content items

May 28th, 2008 by FYREBEAR

Ajax is pretty handy. It’s a great way to dynamically fetch content/data from your site/server on demand using XMLHttpRequest so that it reduces server bandwidth load. That way when viewing content items on the page only that specific content item that is selected is fetched from the server and not the entire page.

The Bear has installed an Ajax Pagination script on the FYREBEAR homepage that he borrowed from DynamicDrive.

This pagination script illustrates a nice way to display multiple pieces of content on one page without the page’s length continously being extended. Also, using this method, instead of an iFrame method, allows the content to inherit the page’s style attributes.

Right now the content items are just static files being fetched, but they could be fetched from a database back-end as well.

• Check it out in action on the FYREBEAR.com homepage.

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