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Using Javascript, AJAX, PHP for My.Fyrebear.com

May 13th, 2008 by FYREBEAR

Javascript is fun. It’s even more fun adding in some AJAX goodness.

Using javascript+AJAX along with Magpie’s XML RSS PHP parser, we have installed a “My-Fyrebear” type application which allows one to add in your own RSS feeds to this page. It’s a great way to aggregate all of your information sources into one place.

Additoinally there is a handy “drag and drop” functionallity to the content modules that allows one to sort/rearrange the page to one’s liking. And the RSS feed selections and sorting are stored in a cookie on one’s machine to remember the changes.

It’s not quite iGoogle, MyYahoo, or Netvibes, but it’s pretty neat nonetheless! Not bad for a Bear!

• Check it out at My.FYREBEAR.com

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